Network Security

Cloud network configuration and
security policy across the multi-cloud estate

Continuous visibility

Gain complete visibility into your network security controls such as security groups and firewalls, across all your cloud accounts, regardless of cloud provider or region.

Risk management

Proactively detect misconfigurations to protect cloud assets, including cloud instances, databases and serverless functions. Identify and remove risky rules easily. Tighten overall network security by mapping network risks to applications affected by these risks.

Central management of security policies

Consolidate and streamline network security controls, including security groups and Azure firewalls, into one centralized system. Easily manage multiple clouds, accounts, regions, and VPC/VNETs, to save time and minimize misconfigurations by handling similar security controls through a single security policy.

Policy cleanup

Confidently remove unused rules with ease to prevent bloat and avoid misconfigurations and risk exposure.