Kubernetes and container security

Agentless zero-trust container analysis system

Gain visibility into container repos

Get complete visibility into your Kubernetes and container registries in real-time across the multi-cloud environment.

The limited visibility into the inner workings of running containers is a critical challenge to organizations. This lack of transparency means that containers remain enigmatic black boxes, sometimes trojanized for malevolent reasons that are only apparent after the malware has been downloaded and executed.

Prevasio KSPM solves this problem by creating a network sandbox – a controlled virtual environment in which the containers are built, executed, monitored, analyzed and open-tested for vulnerabilities and harmful malware.

Comprehensive risk assessment

Detect container vulnerabilities and malicious software by using static analysis to ensure comprehensive protection for your containers. Receive remediation recommendations to secure your containers.


Ensure compliance with industry benchmarks such as CIS benchmarks for Kubernetes, EKS, ECS and ECR.

Vulnerability and malware scanning

Secure Kubernetes and containers from build-time to real-time using Prevasio's patented network sandbox. Scan for malware and vulnerabilities to make sure the container image does not include known CVEs or viruses as part of the deployment process.

Dynamic threat analysis

Experience an innovative approach to container security using dynamic threat analysis, exposing concealed entry points and potential threats from the supply chain.