Enhance DevOps with automated IaCsecurity scanning

Leverage a single tool and policy for seamless collaboration between developers and securityteams

End-to-end cloud configuration management

Leverage Prevasio's advanced capabilities to identify misconfigurations within your IaC templates. We support a range of compliance frameworks covering technologies such as Terraform and Kubernetes.

End-to-end container lifecycle management

Utilize Prevasio's mitigation rules including domain, country, CVE and open port coverage, to perform container image scanning during the build phase to block the inclusion of non-compliant images in the registry. Ensure compliance with continuous scanning.

End-to-end network security control management

Consolidate and streamline network security controls, including security groups and Azure firewalls, into one centralized system. Easily manage multiple clouds, accounts, regions, and VPC/VNETs, to save time and minimize misconfigurations by handling similar security controls through a single security policy.