Real-time monitoring for comprehensive cloud security

Remove blind spots and take control ofyour multi-cloud

Uncover all services and resources within your multi-cloud environment. Supporting Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP, Prevasio scans a comprehensive range of asset classes such as Lambda functions, S3 buckets, Azure VMs and 60 other cloud service assets.

Prioritize risks and misconfigurations to focus on what's critical

Thousands of alerts are generated by over 600 CSPM alert types at the asset, service and aggregated levels. Build a prioritized risk list according to CIS Benchmarks to make sense of the deluge of alerts and misconfigurations.

Confidently meet compliance requirements

With Prevasio, compliance posture is constantly being assessed through continuous monitoring of cloud assets. Organizations can prioritize data security and adhere to regulatory frameworks such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Close the loop on your risk mitigation through Jira integration

Turn Prevasio CSPM alerts into Jira tasks to ensure a streamlined approach to risk mitigation. Empower collaborative efforts between teams to address and resolve security posture issues.