Integration with Jira

Prevasio CSPM allows exporting exisitng alerts into Atlassian Jira tickets.

In order to enable the export, please prepare a Jira project that will accept Prevasio CSPM alerts. We recommend a dedicated project, e.g. named as "Prevasio CSPM issues".

Create an API token to enable access to your Jira account, as explained here.

Save the settings into Prevasio CSPM dashboard -> Integration menu.

When you are ready to export an alert, press the "Export to Jira" button. Prevasio CSPM will automatically set the Priority level in accordance with the severity of the alert.

Adjust the suggested Priority level, and select the issue type. Press "Export".

The exported issue number and its link will be displayed in a confirmation message box. Click the link to open the issue in your Jira account, in adjust its fields (such as comments), and/or to re-assign it to a member of your team.

If an alert was exported successfully, the 'empty' flag icon will turn into a black flag. This will indicate that the issue can not be opened directly in Jira.

NOTE: If you wish to delete all associations between alerts and Jira tickets, open the account page by choosing the 'My account' menu option under your username, and click the button 'Delete Jira associations'.