Get all the information you need directly from a central dashboard

Get a unified view of all security issues found in your AWS/Azure/GCP setup. The security issues are classified by related assets and prioritized according to severity.

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Spend your time where it matters most through prioritized cloud risks

Build a prioritized risk list according to CIS benchmark, HIPPA and PCI regulations, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

More than 600 CSPM alert types are generated on 3 levels:

The asset level lists dashboard all alerts produced alerts for each asset

The service level aggregates all alerts that belong to that level

The combined aggregates all for all services.

Export alerts directly into Jira

Prevasio CSPM provides an easy-to-use mechanism for exporting any alerts into Jira tickets.

Once exported, the tickets can be opened in Jira directly. From there, the tickets can be assigned to different members of the team in order to resolve the security posture issues.

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Prevasio is an agentless CSPM

Secure your multi cloud environment within
3 minutes

Fast and secure agentless cloud security configuration management across multi-cloud, multi-accounts, cloud native services, and cloud assets

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Uncover hidden backdoors in your container environments

The only solution that gives you container security dynamic behavior analysis that uncovers any hidden back doors and supply chain attack risks, coupled with container security static analysis for vulnerabilities and malware.

Remove the blind spot from your multi-cloud

Discover all of the services and resources in your multi-account and multi-cloud environment in just minutes. Prevasio supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP, the three major cloud vendors.

With Prevasio, Lamda functions, S3 buckets, Azure VM and 150 asset classes and 60 cloud services are scanned.

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