Established in 2020, Prevasio's aim is ambitious - to allow companies a no-nonsense approach in managing their cloud security posture.

Prevasio strives to provide an affordable CSPM solution for SMBs, that not only reveals the misconfiguration problems, but also provides a degree of transparency over the containers used in their production pipeline.

Without this transparency, containers stay what they are - the black boxes.

Core Team

Prevasio is brought to you by security experts with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and malware research.

Oscar Marquez

Co-Founder & CEO

Oscar has worked extensively in the international Cyber security industry.

He has broad experience with major security solution vendors and has participated in the establishment of a number of innovative technology and built security companies internationally.

Oscar sits on multiple security
forums & company boards internationally and is a leader in the Cloud industry.

A thought leader in security, Oscar has spoken internationally at infrastructure and Cyber security conferences around the world.

Oscar has vast experience in the cyber security industry, and is a visionary who has held leadership/Founder positions with:

  • NetIQ(Cyberese)
  • Ubizen(Verizon)
  • Tier-3
  • Marshal/M86security (Trustwave)
  • Isheriff Founder (Mimecast)
  • Mi-token
Rony Moshkovich

Rony Moshkovich

Co-Founder & CPO

Rony has 20 years of practical research and engineering experience in the IT security industry.

  • Rony has extensive management experience with emphasis in software research and development, capable guiding business requirements and professional services for Enterprise, SMB, and Consumer solutions
  • Up until recently, Rony has worked as Director of Software Engineering at Dimension Data - a company specializing in information technology services with 7.5 billion USD in revenue
  • Before that, Rony has worked at Symantec as Director Development of in cloud web applications, and Engineering Director for Norton Endpoint Protection
  • A true veteran of antivirus industry, Rony has worked as Development Director and Malware Research Lab Manager for CA\HCL and PC Tools\Symantec
  • Having many years of extensive experience in building and managing security research labs, Rony is a recognized expert in Threat Management and Identity Access Management solutions for various markets
Sergei Shevchenko

Sergei Shevchenko

Co-Founder & CTO

Sergei Shevchenko is a security expert with over 20 years of experience in malware research, reverse engineering, and behavior analysis.

  • Sergei has invented, built and founded the well-known automated threat analysis system ThreatExpert, that was acquired by Symantec (PC Tools), as well as a method of detecting and blocking malicious activity based on dynamic process interception (patent US8959639B2)
  • Sergei's patent on “AutomatedThreat Analysis System” established a fundamental principle that laid the foundation of all modern threat analysis sandboxes (patent US20070283192)
  • Sergei's analysis of high-profile malware attacks, such as recent Cloud Snooper and VPNFilter attacks against Linux devices or the previous years' Bangladesh Bank heist, attacks on other banks by circumventing SWIFT payment system, is the go-to information source for risk and technology officers and their teams around the world
  • Before Prevasio, Sergei has worked at Sophos, managing a global team of cyber-threat researchers, focused on Android, macOS, and Linux platforms
Alex Eckelberry

Alex Eckelberry

Chairman of the Board

Alex Eckelberry is a technology CEO.

  • Most recently President and COO of AutoLoop, a fast-growing disrupter in the automotive tech space which was successfully exited to CIP Capital
  • Before AutoLoop, Alex spent several years as an operating partner, investor and board member, including being a board member of BlueStripe Software (acquired by Microsoft); a board member of Google’s StopBadware; a board member of Knowbe4; a board member of MalwareBytes; and chairman of the board of Runaware
  • Alex also founded Meros (acquired by DXC Technology) and was the CEO of Sunbelt Software (acquired by GFI/TeamViewer)
  • He started his career in Silicon Valley at Borland International, one of the original leaders in languages and development tools